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Hosting Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to hosting competitions using the UHC platform.

Minimum Requirements

 Hosts are required to have an active UHC account
 Hosts must have taken part in at least one competition hosted by UHC
 Hosts must have an active account on the official theHunter Forums


 All competitions must offer at least one prize for first place (250 em$ minimum value)
 Offering store items as prizes is not available to first-time hosts
 First-time hosts must make prizes available to UHC in advance, either in the form of gift codes or by em$ transfer to a UHC holding account *
 Prizes must be issued to winners within one week (7 days) of the competition ending
 Hosts offering real world prizes accept full responsibility for postage costs, as well as the legalities surround customs laws throughout the world
 Hosts must not compete for prizes in their own competitions

* this service can be arranged by UHC


 Hosts seeking sponsorship should do so with discretion, using this forum thread
 At its discretion, UHC may from time to time offer sponsorship
 It is the responsibility of the host to obtain prizes from sponsors


 Hosts are advised to advertise their competitions in the Competitions section of the official theHunter Forums
 Hosts must not use unsolicited methods of advertising to promote their competitions

Competition Design

 Hosts are required to provide clear rules and objectives when submitting a hosting request
 First-time hosts are advised to keep competition rules and objectives simple and easy to understand
 Hosts should provide a competition header image or logo, along with any other artwork they wish to use
 Hosts should provide any virtual trophy or award images that they wish to issue as part of the competition
 At its discretion, UHC may from time to time assist hosts with 2D (and in some cases 3D) artwork
 All competitions will start at 00:00 GMT on the starting day, and end at 23:59 GMT on the ending day.

Competition Testing & Host Assistance

 Hosts are required to assist with the testing of their competition once the design has been implemented
 Any rules imposed by a host which require manual verification (cannot be automated using API calls) will be the responsibility of the host

Cheating & Bans

 If a host suspects cheating they should contact UHC immediately
 If a host is banned from UHC in the middle of a competition which they are hosting, UHC will at its discretion decide whether to end the competition prematurely

Design Changes

 Once a competition has been tested and upgraded from "pending" to "active", no more design changes will be accepted *

* except at the discretion of UHC

Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in a host losing their UHC account.