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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does UHC stand for?

UHC stands for "Ultimate Hunter Competitions". Admittedly, not the most original name in the world, but the word "Ultimate" preceded the first several competitions hosted by David (caledonianblues). Years later, the goal is still to create and facilitate the most ultimate competitions for theHunter. The abbreviation to UHC came later when other tools and applications were developed, hence "UHC Apps".

What is the purpose of UHC?
First and foremost, to offer the best competition hosting platform for members of theHunter community. In addition to competitions, the UHC website aims to bridge the gap between the official theHunter website functionality and the wishes and desires of theHunter community. Where possible, UHC offers tools to make viewing, collecting and sharing statistics relating to theHunter easier, faster, and more visually appealing.

Is UHC affiliated with Expansive Worlds or theHunter?
No. UHC is a completely separate entity, and is not owned by or associated with Expansive Worlds or Avalanche Studios. UHC has, by special arrangement with Expansive worlds, exclusive access to an API service which allows UHC to integrate efficiently with theHunter's game servers.

Who owns UHC?
UHC is part of Square Brackets LLC, a company incorporated in San Francisco, CA. The company is owned by David (caledonianblues) and Tod (TOD1D), both of whom work on UHC in their spare time, on a voluntary basis.

Does it cost money to join UHC?

Absolutely not, this is an entirely non-profit endeavour. Nothing created by UHC will ever require real money to enjoy, and membership is absolutely free.

What do I need to join UHC?

All you need is a theHunter game account, and an account on the official theHunter Forums. If you don't have a game account, you're missing out and should consider creating one. You can do that here. You can create a forum account here. Once you have those, you are ready to rock and roll and can create your UHC account here.

What is UHC$?

UHC$ is a virtual currency unique to the UHC website. You cannot buy UHC$ with real money, it can only be earned within the UHC website.

How can I earn UHC$?
UHC members can earn UHC$ a number of ways, including:

creating a UHC account
participating in a UHC-hosted competition
obtaining a podium position in a UHC-hosted competition
hosting a community competition with UHC
completing UHC missions
referring someone to UHC

Over time, more and more earning options will be added to the website.

What can I do with my UHC$?

You can use them to buy gems. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for UHC to support the exchange of UHC$ into em$.

What are gems?
Gems are another virtual currency unique to UHC, and are used to unlock "premium" features and functions on the UHC website. The only way to purchase gems is with UHC$. You can find gems in the gem store here.

Can I refer someone to UHC?

Yes, and we would be very grateful if you did. So grateful, that we will award you with 250 UHC$ for every referral that results in someone creating a UHC account. You can find more information about UHC referrals here.

How do I host a competition?

If you have an idea for a competition, you can create a hosting request here. A UHC staff member will review your request and if it is accepted, you will be contacted to discuss setting up the competition. There are some hosting terms and conditions, which you can find here. Otherwise, UHC will do the hard work. All you have to do is come up with a good idea for a competition, and fund the prizes (or find a sponsor).

Who pays for prizes that UHC distributes in prize draws and competitions?
Competitions that are hosted by UHC staff members are funded privately by UHC. Other events such as UHC prize draws and giveaways are funded by UHC. The em$ issued after UHC$ trades are funded by UHC. UHC receives no funding, donations or financial support from any other individuals or organisations. All em$ and other prizes issued by UHC are paid for privately by UHC staff. UHC does not receive special rates or discounts from Expansive Worlds.

Can I get involved and help UHC?
UHC does not accept financial support, but we welcome other contributions from theHunter community. For example, we are always happy to accept suggestions for mission packs, ideas for new website functionality, and any other general thoughts or suggestions on how to improve UHC and its services. If you have an idea or wish to make a suggestion, you can either contact David (caledonianblues) via theHunter Forum, post your suggestion here, or send an email to support@uhcapps.co.uk.