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Welcome to UHC Apps

Thank you for visiting. We hope you find something useful here, whether it's a competition, data and stats, or something else entirely. To take part in competitions hosted by UHC Apps, or to host your own competition using the UHC system, you must be a member. Becoming a member is simple, free, and only takes a few minutes. To get started, click here or the register link at the top-right of this page, and start enjoying the same benefits as all other UHC members. We are constantly working to improve the UHC website and backend systems, with the ultimate aim of being able to offer fully automated, flexible and interesting competitions. We encourage you to check back regularly for updates and news about new features and functionality.

UHC Points
UHC Points

Members accumulate UHC Points regularly, and these can be converted into em$. There are a number of ways to earn UHC Points, including registering to become a member, taking part in competitions and placing a score on that competition's leaderboard, finishing on the podium of a competition, hosting a competition, and more. The ratio of UHC Points to em$ is 10:1, which means your first 5000 UHC Points can be converted into a 500 em$ gift code.

UHC Points can be redeemed online at any time with a minimum exchange value of 5000 UHC Points / 500 em$. Over time, more and more ways to earn UHC Points will be announced. For example, the upcoming refer-a-friend funtion, UHC events and prize giveaways. So, register to become a member today and you we will start you off with 500 UHC Points! To find out how UHC Points are awarded, click here for more information.

UHC Dashboard
UHC Dashboard

Here at UHC Apps we love stats and data, and we have big plans to roll out more and more exciting reporting tools that will enable our members to view their theHunter profile data in a visually satisfying layout. In the meantime, upon logging in, members will be presented with a simple tile dashboard that displays some basic but important information about their UHC Apps account and their theHunter profile. This dashboard will in time show much more detailed information, so watch this space and stay tuned for more updates.

Remember, if you want to view current season and lifetime stats for your theHunter profile, you can do so now without being a UHC member. UHC Apps offers an online stats tool that pulls data from your theHunter profile and displays it in a unique way, somewhat differently to that of the official game website or launcher. This tool is kept up to date when new animals, weapons and content get released, to ensure your stats are always dipslayed accurately. You can find the tool here.

UHC TeamSpeak
UHC TeamSpeak

From mid-November 2017, UHC members will have free access to the UHC Apps TeamSpeak server as well as the option to create private channels in which to hunt with their friends. Hunting with friends is a great way to play theHunter, and a good way to meet people and make new friends. Adding voice chat makes the experience much more fun, and is especially helpful in coordinated hunting scenarios such as waterfowl hunting or driven hunts.

All you need to use TeamSpeak is a microphone (or headset with a built-in microphone) and the TeamSpeak client which can be downloaded for free. Once you have the client installed, you can open TeamSpeak links or connect directly to TeamSpeak servers. Please use the link below to download the TeamSpeak client.